Why It's Important To Have The Talk

Did You Know

Two in three teens we surveyed say they drink due to peer pressure
OR because they think it's cool.

(Source: Representative national poll conducted by Research Now)

Why It's Important to Have The Alcohol Talk

The Alcohol Talk is crucial to ensure your child knows the facts about the dangers of underage drinking. Informing your child about the risks associated with alcohol consumption by minors — as well as how to combat social pressure to drink — brings them one step closer to making responsible decisions when faced with various alcohol-related scenarios. The Alcohol Talk should evolve as your child grows and is better able to understand the issues.


  • TV and film often glamorize drinking. Your children likely will be exposed to these messages, so you should make sure they are aware of the facts surrounding drinking.
  • Since children have limited knowledge about the effects of alcohol consumption, be prepared to inform them about the dangers and consequences.
  • As the child becomes a teenager and is better able to understand the illegalities of underage drinking, educate him/her about such issues as the dangers of drunk driving, the impact of host laws, etc.
  • Stay aware of who your child is spending time with and what they're doing. Once your child enters his or her teen years, peer groups have increasing influence, so knowing whether friends are involved in activities you don't approve of helps inform a constructive conversation.
  • When your teen is developing friendships, encourage them to find friends who have similar interests and values to reduce peer pressure in social situations.
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