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Almost 50% of teens we surveyed fear their parents are going to lecture them during The Alcohol Talk and 75% of parents do exactly that.

(Source: Representative national poll conducted by Research Now)

Underage Drinking

Almost every adult can recall having The Alcohol Talk with their parents. Often, it started at age 16 or 17 (usually when receiving a driver’s license) and included a brief lecture on the dangers of underage drinking followed by what seemed like an endless list of rules and punishments you’d face if you were caught drinking.

Parents today are better informed about how important The Alcohol Talk is and what to say about underage drinking, but they’re often unsure if they’re having a positive impact on their child. According to a national poll conducted for Pernod Ricard USA by Research Now, some 80% of parents and 67% of teens agree that alcohol is the most discussed social issue between parents and teens, but almost one-third of all parents surveyed said they were unsure if their conversation made a difference.

In order to find out how parents and teens can have more meaningful conversations about alcohol, psychologists, counselors, college professors, parents and teens were interviewed at length. They helped identify words, phrases and situations that can promote dialogue — and which words can cut it off. This information was analyzed by a linguist, who developed conversational models for parents to follow.

The Alcohol Talk helps parents crack the code of talking to their teens, providing specific suggestions about when, why, and HOW to talk to teens about alcohol, encouraging teens to think for themselves and to accept responsibility for their actions. We even provide typical scenarios for children of different ages, including videos and language as thought-starters to promote successful outcomes for both you and your child.

We encourage parents to read – and share – this information.

Can You Talk the Talk?

To help you get started, we have created a 10-question test to see how much you know about talking to your children about drinking. When you get to the answer page, you can link directly to the sections of The Alcohol Talk that are relevant to each question.

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